Corrective and Organic Skin Care

Pearl Stringer Skin Care offers a wide variety of advanced services for your skin and body with exclusive equipment in her salon to defy the aging process and treats all types of skin conditions from acne to aging.   A facial is not just a facial here, LED lights and micro-current  are just one of many advanced treatments used to address/combat the many conditions that can challenge our skin. Pearl strives to offer the best treatments for your individual needs which can be assessed after a complimentary skin analysis and consultation. Fifteen years of medical experience under the direction of Los Angeles top doctors,  celebrity dermatologist and plastic surgeons has given Pearl the cutting edge experience necessary to deliver customized treatment plans  that will deliver results.


Experience our professional facial products and services.

Sono Peel Ultra Sonic Exfoliation


A state-of-the-Art treatment transmits high- speed vibrations to the skin and underlying tissue to gently exfoliate,cleanse, hydrate and extract simultaneously.  This treatment repairs acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, and Rosacea, leaving it polished and radiant. This treatment is effective for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 


Face Only - $75.00
Face and Neck - $110.00
Face, Neck and Chest - $150.00

Teen Facial


Specifically designed for the care needs of the young adult . Clear Skin is encouraged by exfoliation, extractions, specialty mask and high frequency. Teen will be educated on the importance of skincare and acne prevention. 50 min


Epicuren Signature Facial


Experience unparalleled  results in just one treatment with a skin revitalizing facial. A combination of proteins, enzymes and b vitamins activate vital energy necessary for healthy cellular function, dramatically enhancing the appearance of skin tone and texture. An advanced enzamatic peel is coupled with layers of skin tightening mask which are systematically applied to mimmic an aerobic toning exercise for the face, visually improving muscle tone, firmness and elasticity. An excellent choice for preparing the skin to look hydrated,radiant,firm and bright.  60 min

Add ons available:  

 Led light therapy and microcurrent  is used to encourage collagen synthesis minimizing lines and pigmentation. Blue light and Red Light

10 min  95.00

20 min  150.00


Acneic oxygen Facial

add ons available:

ultrasonic exfoliation 45.00

sapphire abrasion 150.00

Blue Light photon therapy 100/10 min

Clear the  skin with enzymes  that work to decongest the skin, extractions and volcanic clay to pull out toxins and leave the skin smooth and on a path to healing. High Frequency is used to kill all bacteria and oxygen is used to speed recovery.

Pumpkin Spice Facial


The pumpkin spice facial is the perfect treatment for addressing acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.  Pumpkin is known to be the highest ingredient source of natural vitamin A, alonh

g with containing over 100 other beneficial vitamins and photo nutrients.  Malic acid acid is an Alpha Hydroxy acid, which has been shown to promote smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cellular turnover and renewal.  Skin will feel noticeably softer by digesting the dead skin cells, decongestant the pores, and and revealing a fresh glow.

Enzyme Facial

Rebalance and exfoliate the skin while energizing the cells with a unique enzymes from fruit acids and herbal extracts. Especially beneficially for sun damage and prematurely aging skin.  Perect treatment to help stimulate collagen production to achieve a youthful glow.  

Signature Stem Cell Facial

Signature stem cell facial promotes collagen and elation production making it the perfect anti aging treatment. This facial is also helpful for skin prone to breakouts, providing hydration for skin that has become dry from excessive exfoliation or acne medication.  A protein rich serum of stem cells and seaweed is applied to the skin via a saturated fabric mask.  Skin specific stem cell facial cream is penetrated deeper into the face, eyelids and neck encouraging the skins own collagen and elastin production, cells are left revitalized and skin is plumped with ultra hydration. 

Sapphire Red Carpet Facial


Sapphire Red Carpet facial uses light, Oxygen and microcurrent to correct many skin problems.  The sapphire combines red and blue light Waves with microcurrent to to promote collagen synthesis and neutralize harmful acne causing bacteria.  Serums are sprayed with a vitamin rich oxygen spray to oxygenate the skin leaving a luminous glow.  The unique sapphire abrasion tip helps to give immediate improvement in the skins texture, tone and over all appearance. Microcurrent is used to stimulate muscle toning and increase the production of atp energy responsible for tightened and lifted skin. A revolutionary combination combination of proteins and vitamins activate vital energy necessary for healthy cellular function enhancing skin tone.  Skin tightening mask are systematically applied for visibly improved firmness. Skin is lefted glowing, lifted, hydrated and exfoliated.  Luxury facial perfect for individual seeking to look their absolute best.

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